Longarm Quilting Service

About our Longarm Quilting

We have a longarm quilting service that offers a edge to edge service. We offer a wide range of quilting patterns to suit your quilt and a wide range of threads to compliment your quilt. We will give a personal consultation service by appointment.


        Price List                            Quilt Size                Longarm Quilting                      Gridded Basting

Cot Quilt Up 40' 'x 50'' £65.00 £50.00
Lap Quilt Up 60'' x 70'' £85.00 £55.00
Single Quilt Up 70'' x 90'' £120.00 £60.00
Double Quilt Up 80'' x 95'' £135.00 £65.00
Queen Quilt Up 90'' x 100'' £145.00 £70.00
King Quilt  Up 110'' x 110'' £165.00 £80.00
Super King Quilt Up 120'' x 120''  £185.00 £90.00


Binding service.

Machined quilted on the front and you to hand Finish is 0.15p per Ince

Machined quilted on the front and Us to hand Finish is 0.25p per Ince

How we work Binding cost out,

Your quilt is say 65x75 that is a Single Quilt,

The quilt has two sides at 75'' and two that are 65'' we add all four sides so it's now 280'' it is then multiplied by 0.15(£42) or 0.25(£70) and we have your cost of binding


Backing and Wadding.

We offer many backings and waddings in the shop, we offer a 10% when you buy backing or wadding for your quilt from us


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